Audit and Assurance
Although our clients may only require an audit due to compliance requirements, rather than make this obligation tedious, we provide feedback to the business on suggested improvements, when authorised, as part of our audit program.

How we can help you

Our audit division currently acts for clients in a diverse range of industries including: educational bodies ranging from kindergartens to tertiary institutions – both in the not-for-profit and the for-profit sectors; aged-care providers; retirement homes; registered clubs; Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licensees; private hospitals; real estate agents; investment advisers; motion film distributors; religious institutions and community centres.

We provide advice and assistance with:

  • Timely accounts – we guarantee completion of accounts within a pre-agreed timeframe
  • We use the audit opportunity to assess your business performance with the objective of helping you to further grow and develop your business. We also make an assessment of your accounting systems and controls throughout the audit
  • Personalised service – we listen to the key issues that affect your business, which enables us to really understand your situation and bring you practical business solutions

Why Choose Us?

We provide a comprehensive range of audit services to enable businesses to comply with all statutory obligations and we provide a practical understanding of the developing opportunities, which will benefit the performance of our clients’ businesses.

Our audit team consists of senior staff, all of whom are well trained and have the experience to be able to carry out the audit function and associated services efficiently and provide timely advice on all accounting and audit issues. We guarantee you will not be dealing with a fresh-faced university graduate each year, even though we all love their eagerness to learn.

We apply a value-added approach to the auditing process to make an independent assessment of client accounting systems and controls and provide advice on their strengths and weaknesses.

Our risk-based audit approach ensures that the critical issues affecting clients are thoroughly assessed and accurately defined, allowing clients to focus on the growth and development of their businesses.

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